Advanced technology

- kept simple

Smart is not = difficult

bosoLog does not require any technical setup or expensive software – you can get started in 10 minutes.


A bosoLog sensor is placed on your product or in the transportation box and collects and data logs precise information about the product’s movement and incidents.
The bosoLog sensor is compact and includes a battery with a battery life of multiple years and a SIM card.


With GPS tracking and GMS technology the bosoLog sensor registers everything you want it to.
This could be temperature, moisture, shock and GPS tracking. You can change values and measurable intervals at any time.


All data from your bosoLog sensor is sent to our cloud based data logging web service.
Through an online login you have access to your history, maintenance planning, reservations and setting up alarms.

box + software + Log = bosoLog

Your user interface. Easy to use

Sign in to the portal

You can access our web service from your phone, tablet or computer with an online user profile. Here you can easily get a graphical overview of everything you want you bosoLog multi-sensory data logging system to register. The scale is indicated in percentages by relative values. It is also possible to highlight specific values.

See every detail about your product

You can move the timeline (the yellow vertical line) and you will only see the occurrences that happened at that moment. Meanwhile the products location at that moment is shown at on the map. The corresponding data will be highlighted in the log.

Curious about bosoLog?

We’ll happily answer your questions. Write to us or call us now.